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Rooms and facilities


The following rooms can be reserved for your party:


RoomType of SeatingNumber of PeopleAreaLocation
Auditorium Concert 80 120 m2 "Schüür"
Plenary hall Concert 30 56 m2 Castle
Festival hall Concert 20 40 m2 Castle
"Schüür" hall Concert 80 120 m2 "Schüür"
Castle hall Concert 50 54 m2 Castle
Library Armchair 20 37 m2 Castle
Fireside room Armchair 10 24 m2 Castle

Thanks to the castle’s extensive grounds, including the courtyard, rose garden and our games pavilion (table football, table tennis, wii console, etc.) the day will also be an unforgettable experience for children. You will find images about our castle rooms and buildings here.

Technical facilities

All rooms can be equipped with technical aids (e.g. beamer, flipchart or pinboard). On request, we can also provide you with DVD and video players, as well as organizational support in the form of photocopiers, telephone, fax and Internet.

Note: DJs and bands are requested to bring their own equipment.